Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My favorite swaps part 3

Here are the next two of my favorite swaps.  I have had so much fun just going through my swaps over and over again.  It is so fun to see how someone else sees something.  My mom was over yesterday, and we spent a whole hour having a "I like this, but if it were mine, I would change this/add that" conversation.  It was so fun.  We weren't trash talking any card, we liked them all just they way they were.  It was just fun to see that we all see things differently.

This card was made by Myla Barker.  I love the jewels in the snowflakes!  What a fab idea!

This card was made by Bobbie Meyer.  I love the wreath.  I would never think of using patterned paper to make this.  It looks great!

Come back tomorrow for my part four of my favorite swaps from regionals.  :)

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