Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Roommate Gifts (I am the worst roommate ever!)

I got home from Portland late last night.  We had so much fun!!!  It was so nice to have a little break from real life, and just have some fun!  The drive down to portland felt like it was going to take forever!  But we finally arrived at our hotel - thanks to my purple line around 9pm.  (GPS on my cell, Thank You! google maps!)  

2010-10-22 20.45.08.jpg
We stayed at the Hyatt Place near the portland airport.  It was a very nice room!!  Our first stop was not our room though, it was the bathroom.  I have never seen so many women, go so fast to find a bathroom.  I would've laughed if I weren't racing toward it too.  After we got settled in our room, our next priority was food.  We needed dinner.  We were headed downstairs to check out the 24hour cafe in the hotel, when we met a pizza delivery girl in the elevator.  We decided to follow her back to work.  I am sure glad we did!  We followed her to a place called Pizanos Pizza.  That was some of the best pizza I have ever had, and to top it off - the prices were good too!

After dinner, we headed back to our room, we had an early morning ahead of us - and some of the gals still needed to finish their swaps.  (Mine were done.)  When we got back, the other ladies started handing out these LOVELY gifts!
::Insert my worst roommate ever sticker here::
I did not get my gifts done.  In my defense, this was my first time staying with other people for an event like this.  I really did not know that it is just expected that people do this.  Yes, I was planning on doing it, but the thing with plans is - sometimes it just doesn't work out.  So, I sheepishly accepted my beautiful gifts, and secretly planned to repay these wonderful women at a later date.  Here are a few of the gifts I recieved, I was hoping to get pictures of all of them - but I didn't get the pictures in before Kassidy saw all the pretty things I brought home.  They were all very nice gifts, but I only have pictures of 3.

This gift was from Cristena.  You can see more of her work here.  Everything she does is fabulous!  I was in total awe of every little detail on this bag!!  The candy was tucked neatly in a clear cello bag, and tied with pretty Early Esspresso Satin Ribbon - but the bag is long gone, so is the candy.  This candy is actually stuff we have for the little monsters, goblins, and princesses that will be trick or treating next weekend.  She also made us monogrammed notebooks for taking notes.

This adorable fry box was from Debbie.  I can not believe that she cut out the boxes by hand!!  I love the embossed spider web.  I also love that the first candy you see in the box is my all time fave - peanut butter m & m's.  I am trying not to eat them.  Not sure how long that will last!

This adorable card was from Frances.  It also had a fab gift tucked inside, a Starbucks gift card!!  How did she know I need my Starbucks in the morning?  We all used our gift cards the next morning when we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast on the way to the convention center.

Thanks ladies for such a wonderful time!  

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